Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving Groupon

It didn't take long for the parodies to begin. And as usual Conan is brilliant. (Sorry for the pre-roll ads, but aparently Team Coco has to eat).

How does Groupon recover from this mess?

First, pull all the ads.

Second, don't explain. Apologize.

Third, take the $10 million or so you spent on production and media and commit it to doing good works. Not a big grand gesture like a multi-million dollar donation to each of the causes you insulted, but a community-based, grass-roots effort that will rebuild your trust with the people who matter most, your customers.

Every Friday, would be "Groupon Gives" day, and feature a local non-profit in every area that Groupon does business. People can donate to the non-profit and Groupon matches the donation. Also create a mechanism for people to connect and volunteer with the non-profits if they so choose.

Groupon tried and failed to tell people how committed they are to serving the greater good. They need to do something that demonstrates it.

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