Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bulli for us

Volkswagen's quest for world automotive domination took another step forward by looking into their past again.

This week at the Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled a new concept vehicle that harkens back to the quintessential hippie vehicle, the microbus. The 2011 version is markedly different from its predecessor which was last produced in the U.S. in 1979.

It's powered by an electric motor that puts out 114 horsepower and has a range of 186 miles with a top speed of 87 miles per hour, all while seating six. In a nod to the Bulli's nomadic heritage, this latest concept also converts into camper. It also features an iPad-based infotainment system that offers a lot of interesting possibilities.

As cool as this concept is, Volkswagen has a history of teasing us with interesting ideas and not producing them, so don't hold your breath on this, but it does make sense. It fills a very big hole in their lineup, it introduces electric power to the brand, and it helps them recapture a piece of their heritage that they've ignored for the past three decades.

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  1. Harvey,

    great minds...

    VW's Bulli concept, the VW Bus, Jerry Garcia and Yogi; deja vu all over again?