Friday, March 4, 2011

Beauty is more than pixel deep

Panasonic dug up an interesting insight a while ago, most people hate how they look in pictures. This is one of those, moments when you slap yourself in the forehead and say, "doh!"

Of course most people hate how they look in pictures. That's why there's been retouching in Hollywood as long as there have been movie stars. We all want to make ourselves look better.

And while there are solutions to this in the form of software programs like Photoshop, most of it is too complicated for the typical consumer to use and it doesn't account for the fact that a lot of images now go straight from the camera to the world wide interweb.

Putting two and two together, Panasonic created a new software addition to its Lumix camera that allows people to smooth their complexion, give them a warm summer glow and even add make up.

Is it a breakthrough application that will save the world? No. But I have a funny feeling it will do pretty well for Panasonic. There's a lot of money to be made appealing to people's vanity.

Just wondering, when does it come out with the "George Clooney" filter?

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