Monday, June 13, 2011

And now for something completely different

Chevrolet is on a roll.

Thanks to four-dollar a gallon gasoline, an earthquake that has debilitated the Japanese auto industry and a really good small car, Chevrolet was the country's leading seller of sedans in May according to Road & Track.

Corvette racing overcame adversity to come from behind this weekend and defeat Ferrari in the world's most prestigious sports car race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

And even with just triple digit sales figures in the first few months of its limited market launch, the Volt is getting credit for creating new manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Not a bad few weeks for a brand that's been battered about for years.

Now if the PR folks at GM could just keep Dan Akerson from saying things like...

"It's just like the Communist Party in China in the 1960s: There has to be a cultural revolution here."

...about the company he runs, that might allow the GM's critics to focus for a few minutes on the progress that's been made instead of his incomprehensible blather.


  1. Old men in charge of big companies who last studied history in the 1960s and still see women in skirts only, unite! It reminds me of Bernie Ecclestone's idiot comments about seeing eye-to-eye with how Hitler handled certain things.

  2. It's not just old men. It's rich, insulated, privileged men. Did you hear Lebron James' presser after the game? Basically he said, "Everyone who has been criticizing me has go back to their sorry little lives. I'm still rich." Very classy.