Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The relentless pursuit of consistency

From its debut Lexus has promised the "relentless pursuit of perfection" in one form or another. And though the campaign has evolved over the years, the fundamental promise has remained the same.

Such is the case with this latest iteration using the subtheme, "Engineering Amazing."

The spot uses the stacked glass vessels as a subtle reference to the original launch commercial and shatters the wall of glass to signal that Lexus is ready for a new era. Just what that era is, who knows, but apparently "Lexus Hybrid Drive Technology" will be at the center of it.

I may be able to quibble with the lack of specificity in this spot. What I can't argue with is the consistency. 

While BMW has dabbled with Joy and Mercedes Benz walked away from its engineering position for a while, Lexus is a strong brand today because they've found a meaningful benefit in the luxury car space – perfection – and owned it since 1989.

And in an era when automotive advertising campaigns live about as long as the average fruit fly, that is truly amazing. 

1 comment:

  1. All I hope is that this initial "splash" of vagueness and chest-thumping merges into spots that speak to the point. Claiming a "perfect" hybrid system that can work with any fuel existing, however, is great to see. Just needs follow-up support from myriad other spots.