Thursday, June 16, 2011

CP+B sends BK out with a flaming pile of c*@#

Now I know why Burger King fired CP+B.

Based on their latest (and hopefully final) execution for the company, it's pretty clear they don't know how to sell anything anymore.

Here's their idea: We'll make the client pay for a special channel on Direct TV for BK and then when people watch it, we'll give them free Whoppers.

And now they're thumping their chests about having given away 50,000 burgers after people have watched over 300,000 hours of a Whopper spinning on a  flaming pedestal.

Last time I checked, the point of advertising is to SELL STUFF!

Any moron can give away free product. And if that's all your marketing strategy is, then close up shop and get in line at the welfare office.

Advertising and marketing is about demonstrating the value of the product so people are willing to pay what it's worth. Sure there are times when giving stuff away makes sense - sampling a new product or closing the door on a competitor who's about to launch a similar product - but those instances are rare and should be targeted.

Giving away a signature product to people who have nothing better to do than stare at a flaming burger on TV for hours at a time isn't marketing. It's a joke.

I'm sorry to see an agency that I admired for so long become so utterly bankrupt of ideas that this was all they could think of.


  1. Wow. And also: Awesome title.


  2. Thanks. I actually used to be pretty good at writing headlines...