Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The last straw

Last night at 11:20 pm I posted the following message on Facebook:

I mean it.

After years of the NFL treating fans who shell out $95 and up per game like extras in a Cecil B. DeMille production, former players like broken cars that can be towed to the junkyard after they're all used up, and television viewers like fools who can't tell the difference between real officials and referees who don't seem qualified to officiate Pop Warner games, I'm done.

And not just until the "real" referees return. I will no longer plan my Sundays around the 11:00 pregame show.

I will no longer watch Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, the NFL on Fox, CBS or any other network, all of which I've watched religiously for the past 20 years.

This is what happens when brand fanatics are betrayed. The fall is swift and hard.

I have no respect for brands that don't respect me. I don't buy their products. I don't support their services. I'm sure there are many others like me who feel the same way.

The NFL has demonstrated clearly that it cares very little about the people from whom they generate their billions of dollars of revenue every year.

They've proven that "player safety" are just random words they say on a regular basis to calm the masses after yet another particularly violent and vicious hit.

Hello home improvement projects, Volvo restoration, day trips, books and naps.

Goodbye NFL. I'll miss you. But not that much.

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  1. YES!, That is how I am with all pro team sports. Life is too short.