Friday, September 21, 2012

The return of the NFL (No Fun League)

Last week in its efforts to "protect the shield," the NFL threatened to fine Alex Smith $15,000 for wearing a San Francisco Giants cap during his post game presser. Apparently, players and coaches are contractually obligated to wear only NFL-licensed logoed merchandise during media availabilities in the 90 minutes following a game.

Now, I understand the issue.

You can't have every player showing up at their press conference wearing gear from their local sponsors. But let's get real here. Football fans are sports fans, and if their hero is seen supporting another area team that's making a playoff push, it only helps the NFL by demonstrating  they care for the whole sports community, not just their 100 yards of turf.

Besides the NFL has bigger image problems, retirees who can barely remember their names, officials who can't remember how many times out a team gets in a half, and a bounty case they're having trouble finding the evidence to support.

The NFL's image has taken a beating over the last 12 months. The last thing they need is to be seen as small and petty.

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