Friday, February 1, 2013

Super conflicted

Just in case you are unaware, the Super Bowl is the weekend which creates a dilemma for me. As many of you know, I publicly swore off the NFL a few months ago.

While I have not adhered strictly to my ban – watching a few games and attending one when my son surprised me by getting tickets for us both to the Packers v. Vikings playoff game – for the most part my life in the fall hasn't revolved around the NFL the way it has in previous years.

But the Super Bowl isn't just about football, it's also about advertising. For many years it has been the greatest showcase of advertising strategy, creativity, chutzpah and nonsense. Thus I must watch.

Yes, I could just review the commercials online, but doing so would be taking them out of context, like watching a violin virtuoso in a practice room. You don't get the full effect unless you see the performance in a concert hall with a live audience. Thus, I'll be watching the "big game" this weekend in all its self-important, over-blown pomposity and tweeting about the spots as they happen.

If you're interested in my thoughts, follow me on Twitter @OBX_Harvey. Otherwise you can read my recap here on Monday morning. Have a great weekend. And while you're enjoying your wings and beer, I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I will be making for the sake of our craft.

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