Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking for new ideas? Relax.

They have names like Vacation in a Bottle, Mini Chill and Mary Jane's Soda and I never knew they existed  until last Sunday. But I should have.

As the energy drink category exploded and matured, a counter trend has been slowly developing, which is why I wasn't surprised to read that so called 'relaxation drinks' have generated $68 million in sales this year.

Laced with ingredients like melatonin, valerian, kava extract, they are touted to relieve such conditions as anxiety, stress and insomnia. Given that we're living in an age of anxiety and diminished expectations, the timing seems to be perfect.

Of course since these drinks are made with unregulated, natural supplements, none of claims have been proven by significant scientific studies. But whether they actually work or not is probably immaterial. Nobody really expects Red Bull to give them wings. So why should a relaxation drink actually help them relax?

Which is why I'll stick with a relaxation drink that's been proven over the course of a few centuries rather than a few years.


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