Friday, May 27, 2011

The origin of a copy

If you've been watching any sports on TV lately you've seen this spot for Edge Gel.

Nice rip off, right? The agency and client are so proud that even after a month, they haven't put it up on youtube. I could only find this low-fi version that someone shot with an iPhone.

Here's how I imagine the meeting that spawned this gem going between the client and the agency...

Client: Well, thanks for sharing those storyboards with us. Those are really interesting ideas. Love them. But did you think of doing something like that Old Spice guy?

Agency: Well, they have carved out a unique position.

Client: Yeah, and we want a unique position just like that.

Agency: You can't do what they're doing and be unique.

Client: Right. We'll do it differently. Our guy will be white. And wearing a suit!

Agency: It's still the same idea.

Client: And at the end, we'll show him with a hot babe. Old Spice doesn't do that.

Agency: No they don't. But that doesn't make it different.

Client: We're not even the same category. They do body wash. We do shave gel. No one will care.

Agency: Yes, they will. We care. We have standards. Professional ethics.

Client: (after they finish laughing heartily) Look, bring us an idea like that or we'll find somebody else to do it.

Agency: (among themselves) How much is this account worth? Ten Million? (to client) We'll see you with a new board tomorrow.

Client: Excellent. Great meeting. You guys are the best.

And that, my friends, is how advertising gets made.

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