Thursday, May 19, 2011

Segway? No way.

When I first saw the Segway X2 Golf I thought, "Great, now I'll look like an even bigger dork on the course."

This specially adapted Segway has soft, 8" wide turf tires, 14 mile range (enough for 36 holes), a platform for your scorecard on the handlebar and it travels at speeds of nearly 13 miles per hour.

The benefit over traditional carts is that each golfer in a foursome can go directly to his ball without having to wait for the other golfer in his cart to hit. This speeds up play significantly. And since you can ride side by side, you don't lose the social aspect of the game.

It seems like a slam dunk, but in it's current form it'll never work here in Wisconsin because it's missing the single most important feature for any recreational vehicle here in Cheesetopia...

There's no cup holder for your Schlitz.


  1. What's the cost, does it run on electricity, when does it become available? This thing is freaking cool!

  2. Mine would need a brush guard out front and the ability to go underwater