Friday, May 20, 2011

Before the world ends tomorrow

As you may have heard, some evangelicals are predicting that the End Of Days will come tomorrow.

If this really is my last day, I ought to live it as such. So what would make this last day before my ascendence (hmmm, that may be wishful thinking) a fitting end to my existence in this mortal coil?

Let's see, the trip to Machu Piccu is out. So is taking a few hot laps around the Nurburgring in Jim Clark's Lotus 33. And there isn't time for me to fly the hours I need to get my pilot's license.

So I'll probably just enjoy this beautiful sunrise, drive the long way to work on a few of the twisty two lane roads, smile a lot while I finish up some cool work for a couple of kick ass clients, enjoy a dinner of grilled red snapper with my wife and kids, and finish the day with a bonfire on the beach playing a few of the songs I've written on my 12-string guitar. I may even enjoy a home brew or two.

And while I'm betting the world won't end tomorrow, I'd like to thank those who have been predicting it for reminding me (no matter how stressful life seems at times) how blessed I truly am.

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