Thursday, June 9, 2011

A missed connection

I never understood why companies do this.

Yesterday I went to upgrade one of the phones on my wireless plan. After seeing all the options offered on their website, I decided on a new Smartphone that would cost $89 if I selected a two-year contract. Fair enough. I decided to come back later and make the transaction.

When I returned to the site, I saw the phone I wanted but this time it was listed for $49 with the same contract. Bonus!

Then I read the fine print and that $49 price was for new customers only.

So let me get this straight. I've been giving you over $200 a month for three years for my family plan with data plans, unlimited texting, shared minutes, etc., and you're going to charge me MORE than someone who hasn't given you a dime?

Guess what? I'm shopping around now. Hey, if new customers are more valuable than loyal customers like me, why don't I become someone else's new customer and reap the benefits.

So my wireless company has put a relationship at risk that generates over $2,500a year in revenue for a measly 40 bucks.

That, my friends, is not good marketing.

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  1. Also a pet peeve of mine. Telecoms are ALL big offenders. And don't get me started on their generous limited-time introductory offers.