Monday, January 24, 2011

This is wrong on so many levels

How can one ad be so bad?

From the strategy to the copy to the art direction, right through to the call to action, there's not one good thing I can say about this ad. Was the CD on vacation? The ad manager out to lunch? Or did someone actually think this was good?

The headline, while blatantly obvious, also speaks to a product benefit that's got to be at least fourth of fifth on the ladder (and not one I'd care to spend any time thinking about). 

The main visual, our confident heroine, appears to be delivering the message as the headlines are in quotes. But who is she, and why should I believe anything she has to say is important?

Which brings me to the QR code. Why would I waist my time and precious data minutes to "hear what Victoria (if that is her real name) has to say" about anything, much less toilet paper.

Reading the copy doesn't make it any better.

Okay, so it's 50% stronger. Than what? It used to be? Its leading competitor? The late great Jack Lalanne?

And of course there's a guarantee, where I have to send in the UPC code from the package, my receipt and then wait for 6 to 8 weeks to get my two bucks back. There's an incentive. 

And finally, the request to join them on Facebook. Really? Why in the name of all that's good and right with this world would I want to be a fan of toilet paper? Social media isn't something you do just because it's there. You have to have a reason. And I can't think of one good reason I'd like all my friends to know that I'm a fan of a particular brand of toilet paper.

It's this kind of insipid, tone deaf, irrelevant advertising that makes people hate our business. Whoever is responsible for perpetrating this act of communications abuse on its readers should have their license to practice advertising revoked for a long, long time.

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